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'A Day in the Life' is a documentary project I run that follows single days in the lives from people around the world.

'Planet Office' was a short film I wrote, produced and directed for the 48 Hour Film project in San José. Winner - Best Directing, Audience Choice, 2nd place Best Film.

'48' was a documentary I was producing and directing that was never completed, but the trailer came out very nice. 

A trailer for Berkeley Repertory Theatre's 'Office Hour' that I shot and edited.

A commercial I wrote, directed, shot and edited for 'Katootsie!', the game I created.

A short news piece I wrote, shot and edited for a Ripple (now Hoodline).

A short video for the Prison Journalism Project. Motion graphics and editing by me. 

A short experimental film I shot and edited.

191 Hours, February 2 - 9, 2023

Slow Motion Moments

A series of micro-documentaries. Brief moments in the lives of strangers, in slow motion. 

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