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Shaving to Kill Time

Credit: Videography, editing

Music by Speedometer



Credit: Videography, editing

Note: "Still" is an installation piece, meant to be seen projected onto multiple walls. This video represents a unified, condensed version.

Still, 95 Minutes

Credit: DP, editor, performer

Time Lapse: Philadelphia

Credit: Videography, editing, writing

Music by Penguin Cafe Orchestra


Credit: Director, DP, writer

Note: Inexistentia was made for the 48 Hour Film Project, a worldwide film competition where filmmakers had 48 hours to complete a film, given a randomly assigned genre, and incorporate a specific line of dialogue, character, and prop. My team was given horror, and had to include the line "What can I say? It's the best", character "Alex Mahoney, tour guide", and a wallet. 

Completed July 2014.


Credit: Videography, editing, sound, set design

Dot Clock

An experimental concept: the outermost ring of dots rotates 360 degrees in 60 minutes, hence, the space on the outermost ring represents the minute hand. When all the spaces align, 60 seconds have elapsed. 

The Moth, 2015

Credit: Storyteller

The SHOUT, 2016

Credit: Storyteller

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