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Feel free to scroll down from here or select a name to see the photographs and words of that person. Names in quotes are pseudonyms.



Getting tattoos and making the art of my body a visible reflection of the things that I value has been a way to to feel more comfortable in my skin and to to create the home that I want to have live. And I guess it's sort of the way that I treat spaces outside of myself as well. I guess, because it is a process of slowly letting go, letting go in the moment. But also, you know, I look at my tattoos every day because they're part of me and there are things that I probably wouldn't get now or look different than they did five years ago, or look different than I was imagining them, too.


And every day I have to wake up again, look at it, accept it, and embrace it. And the parts of my body that have tattoos are easier for me to embrace in some ways because it's a choice that I made and I got to sort of create what that space looks like. But it also will never be the version of it that lived in my head before it existed in real space.

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